Selling Your House in Houston When You Have Kids or Pets

When you have kids or pets, selling your house in Houston brings a multitude of challenges. We will include a few methods, including your pets, to create an uncomplicated process for you and your family.

Deep Clean

You do not want an unpleasant odor suggestive of a cat or dog living in the home to be the first impression. If overcome by the scents of air-fresheners, consumers will leap to the conclusion that you are covering deep-seated odors. You will want prospective customers to be able to imagine home living, removing food dishes, toys, and accessories from sight while viewing is helpful. If you sell your house in Houston while you have kids or pets, a thorough cleaning of your home is imperative. You may want to make sure that no toys in play areas are scattered as well. When you are carrying out your pre-showing cleaning routine, do not forget to include the yard, or there are no worn or unattractive outdoor furniture or other objects, such as rusted swing sets. Furthermore, if you have dogs, be sure that when walking outside on the house, grass is the only thing buyers can step on.


While your pet may have never hurt anyone, if they perceive a sudden threat to their home turf, any animal with claws or teeth is capable of scratching or biting a stranger. For this reason, when selling your house in Houston when you have pets, it is important to familiarize yourself with the insurance policy of your homeowner. Ensure that it includes the risk that your pet could hurt strangers in your home in some way. Since there are some breeds insurers do not protect, also check this policy detail. No matter what kind of pet you have, there will be a show at any moment, real estate industry professionals advise the removal of pets from the home is the best choice.

Showing Schedule

Parents know that wherever possible, disrupting the routine of their children is something to avoid, even when selling your house in Houston when you have kids or pets. One way to make time move quickly could be to schedule events, such as visiting parks, zoos, or other local attractions. Have bags full of toys or activity books and special therapies for each child that you can quickly catch when you also head out the door, make one for each of your pets. To make the process simpler for all, keep to-go snacks and beverages on hand. It is extremely important to express specifically to your real estate agent the times that fit best for your family, with the understanding that they will respect your wishes. Be aware that delaying showings may cause potential buyers to move on to another property, resulting in average days on the market becoming longer.

Sell Directly to Big Tex Home Buyers

When you have children or pets, the least stressful way to sell your house to Big Tex Home Buyers in Houston. Closing is typically much quicker than typical transactions, usually within 30 days or less. With very simple contracts that are easy as-is purchasing agreements, Big Tex Home Buyers will set out every phase of the process. This ensures that your insurance policy and your pets have no more concerns. You don’t even have to vacuum, ignore the odor problems, and plan the lives of your kids around a real estate agent! Sellers should expect Big Tex Home Buyers transactions that are fast, easy, stress-free.

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