The Top 10 Challenges Homeowners Face When Selling a House in Houston

Let’s get this house sold! It may appear simple at first, but a successful house sale is contingent on a succession of excellent decisions made along the route. You can prepare yourself and avoid an unfavourable outcome if you are given advance notice. These decisions become the main challenge in achieving success or waiting for … Continued
5 Signs it is Time to Sell Your House in Houston

Should I Sell My House to a Wholesaler in Houston

Property wholesalers are a good choice for homeowners who have a property that doesn’t sell well on the MLS. But what is a property wholesaler, exactly? Property wholesalers function as a conduit between property owners with troubled properties and investors who are typically cash buyers with little time to find deals for a minimal charge. … Continued
Investors Should Know About Buying Multi-Family Properties in Houston

How Long Will the Escrow Process Take: A Guide for Home Sellers in Houston

How long will the escrow process take: a guide for home sellers in Houston – As a property seller, you’re probably want to close as quickly as possible, which is understandable. However, there’s something called “escrow” that gets in the way. It’s the time between signing the purchase contract and closing when the seller essentially … Continued
How to Stop Property Foreclosure in Houston

How to Stop Property Foreclosure in Houston, Texas?

In order to fight a foreclosure, you need to find valid reasons that justify the delay of repossession. Make the best use of your resources and strategies outlined here to stop foreclosure on your home. We’ll guide you about the next steps and options available to you right now. How Does the Foreclosure Process Work … Continued
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