How To Sell Your House In Houston

To help you get rid of your excess belongings before you list quickly and effectively, you may want to consider selling your house using the Kon Mari system. A Netflix special, which aired in early 2019, popularized this form of decluttering and organizing, and people began to give away loads of their belongings. If you decide to sell your home, getting rid of excess stuff can go a long way to making your home feel more spacious and, in turn, make it more marketable.

Here are 6 steps for using the Kon Mari method to sell your house in Houston.


Before you even start selling your house using the Kon Mari system, you need to keep in mind the end goal.

To make your home more appealing and easier to sell, and to make the transition to a new home smoother, you’re getting rid of belongings. Holding this aim in your mind all the time, and letting things go may be easier.

KonMari Method To Sell Your House In Houston


Part of the Kon Mari approach is to organize objects by class rather than by space. Which means you’re gathering and arranging all of your clothes at once, even if they’re spread around various rooms.

Part of the reason behind this is that gathering the same kind of object together makes you see just how many of certain things you own that can make you more likely to get rid of individual pieces.


She recommends beginning with less sentimental items such as clothes and books in the Kon Mari process, then moving to items such as photographs and paperwork. The reason is that the more you practice purging unnecessary items, the better you feel and the easier the process becomes.

So don’t start sorting through all those photos of the family. Instead, follow the plan and start by going through every person’s clothing in the house.


The Kon Mari approach is all about making for yourself the life you imagine.

If that’s a life surrounded by your favorite clothes and very little else, it’s the life you’re going to create for yourself. When you sell your house using the Kon Mari method, that ideal life can be a home away from excessive clutter that sells quickly and at a good price.

Whatever looks like your ideal life, imagine it and consider whether every object in your home suits the ideal.


An important part of the Kon Mari approach is to pick up each element and decide whether you want to keep it individually or get rid of it. That doesn’t mean that a large, sweeping pile looks and throws it one way or the other.

For example, pick up every item of clothing and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” You can keep it if you do. If not, get rid of it.


Once you’ve passed all of your belongings, you might think it’s time to find new storage for the things you’ve left.

It also puts you in the process of purchasing products it you do not need or use and excess.

Look around to find ways to reuse storage or repurpose stuff to meet your newly pared-down belongings needs. For example, instead of throwing out that extra computer box, use it to store seasonal or even books that move to your new home.

This will help you use as many things as possible already in your home, freeing up more space and long-term saving you money.

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